Cheetahs Gym, located at the King Alfred Leisure Centre, has been providing a valuable service for its customers since 1962!

Starting in a single room, Cheetahs has expanded over the years now providing 12,500sq feet of pure gym. Combining the latest state of the art equipment with more traditional methods of training, Cheetahs caters for all types of training needs.

The gym, which is divided onto four floors, has an advantage over other gyms and fitness clubs in that there is a separate training room for each muscle group, ie, chest training room, leg training room etc. Further more there is a separate ladies training gym on offer so that ladies can train in private if they wish as well as a brand new stretching room.

Our Store

At Cheetahs Gym we sell a wide range of dietary supplements. our own brand clothing as well as glove

Ladies Only Gym

  We have a completely separate training gym, just for you ladies. This room has a Cv area, a r

Rhomboids Sports and Remedial Massage

Training for a competition? Suffering from a sporting injury? Keen to assist your body in recovering

Day Visits

You don’t have to be a member at Cheetahs you can just drop in for a visit. so if you train so

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